Judgment in Case C-559/16 Birgit Bossen, Anja Bossen and Gudula Gräßmann v Brussels Airlines SA/NV

The compensation payable to passengers in the event of cancellation or long delay of a connecting flight must be calculated according to the radial distance between the departure and arrival airports. The fact that the distance actually covered by such a flight is, as a result of the connection, greater than the distance between the [...]

Antitrust: Commission confirms unannounced inspections in the ethylene purchasing sector

The European Commission can confirm that on 16 May 2017 its officials carried out unannounced inspections at the premises of companies active in ethylene purchasing, in several Member States. The Commission has concerns that the companies concerned may have violated EU antitrust rules that prohibit cartels and restrictive business practices (Article 101 of the Treaty [...]

Greek Economy Growing While EU Undertakes Specific Support Measures on Refugee Crisis

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras spoke to journalists during a press conference following the European Council meeting in Brussels informing them on the final conclusions of the Summit and specific issues which are highly significant for Greece. Referring to the conclusions on migration and the refugee crisis, he underlined that "Greece is acting within the [...]