10 Years Since The Start Of The Crisis: Back To Recovery

The global financial crisis began 10 years ago and led to the European Union's worst recession in its six-decade history. The crisis did not start in Europe but EU institutions and Member States needed to act resolutely to counter its impact and address the shortcomings of the initial set-up of the Economic and Monetary Union. [...]

Mergers: Commission approves acquisition of Banco Popular Español S.A. by Banco Santander

The European Commission has approved, under the EU Merger Regulation, Banco Santander's proposed acquisition of Banco Popular Español, S.A. The Commission concluded that the transaction would not raise competition concerns in the European Economic Area. Banco Santander and Banco Popular are universal banks, providing commercial, retail investment and wholesale banking services as well as insurance [...]

European Commission acts to preserve the rule of law in Poland

The European Commission acts today to protect the rule of law in Poland. The Commission substantiates its grave concerns on the planned reform of the judiciary in Poland in a Rule of Law Recommendation addressed to the Polish authorities. In the Commission's assessment, this reform amplifies the systemic threat to the rule of law in Poland already [...]

Security Union: Cracking down on the illegal import of cultural goods used to finance terrorism

The European Commission has today put forward new rules to clamp down on the illegal import and trafficking of cultural goods from outside the EU, often linked to terrorist financing and other criminal activity. Today's proposal marks one of the final steps set out in the Commission's action plan to strengthen the fight against terrorism financing. [...]

Parallel to the deepening of European Integration, a new role of European Citizenship has been created that goes far beyond just economic participation in the internal market.

There are three keywords in this topic: European integration, European citizenship and internal market; hence it is both appropriate and necessary to approach the question through examining these concepts and their evolution within the European Union (EU) framework. The main aspect to be considered is the actual development of the European Union in what the [...]

Greek Economy Growing While EU Undertakes Specific Support Measures on Refugee Crisis

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras spoke to journalists during a press conference following the European Council meeting in Brussels informing them on the final conclusions of the Summit and specific issues which are highly significant for Greece. Referring to the conclusions on migration and the refugee crisis, he underlined that "Greece is acting within the [...]

Brexit Appears To Be Taking Toll on the U.K., Economic Survey Shows

The United Kingdom's (U.K.) decision to exit the European Union, a move referred to as "Brexit,'' appears to be weakening the country's economy, according to an ongoing monthly economic survey of the world's leading nations by Decision Analyst. In the past 6 months, the U.K.'s Economic Index has declined from 110 to 101, the largest [...]